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Library Questions

Yes. Just tap the Select button and select the scores you want to export and then tap the export button at the bottom bar.

Yes. You can use the function Open In… with a zip file using an external app and then select the app digitalScore. All the compressed files will be uncompressed to the app Documents folder and the scores will appear in your library.

If you already have the folders, simply tap and hold a score and then drop it on a folder icon. When you are holding a score with your finger, you can select other scores by tapping them with another finger.

If you want to change all the covers that you see on your library go to Preferences. Then tap on Library and then Scores cover. There you can choose whether using the first score page as a cover or using a default cover.

You can do several things. First you can archive any score/s and/or folder/s by tapping on the Select button and then tapping on the box icon at the bottom bar. This will make the selected scores disappear from the library even though, you can open them through the Archive button on the left of the search bar. So archiving a score doesn’t delete it from your device but hide in some way.

Another thing that can be done is to export the score/s with the Score format. In this way you can keep your scores in your cloud or anywhere you want and restore them later and all the score metadata and annotations will be kept as well.

Sure. You just need to select the file using the Select button or doing a tap & hold on the score you want and then releasing it. Tap the rename button on the bottom bar and enter the new name.

Yes. Tap on the playlist button so you can see all your playlists. Perform a left swipe on the desired playlist and tap on Share.

This is because you need to press Enter after finish editing a text field.

Yes, and you can even receive a discount. Go to this page to see more information.

Adding scores questions

First of all you must note that all the scores that you can search are from IMSLP (, so you might not expect to find pop or modern scores. If this is your case, just import the scores.

To find a musical work try always to use as less words as possible and use keywords such as the composer name, instrument, opus number and the musical form. For example, Mozart violin sonata 313 or Brahms piano quartet 1 g.

Try not to use an alternative name such as moonlight sonata or Vivaldi spring. Use Beethoven piano sonata 14 or Vivaldi violin concerto 269.

Note also that some scores might be blocked and therefore they cannot be downloaded due to copyright restrictions.

Annotations questions

If you have enabled the option Make snapshots periodically (Preferences > Library > Snapshots), you can restore all your scores information such as their title, composer, etc, and annotations to any previous state. This will overwrite all your current annotations and overall information.

Yes. After placing any kind of annotation on the score, you can select it by tapping and hold on the annotation. Then a contextual menu will appear with the available options for that annotation. All annotations can be moved and some can be transformed.

Yes. You can add any number of action buttons in a score as you need. After adding an action button you can configure it to start a metronome at a certain tempo and pattern.

Yes, but at the moment this function is only available with Airturn foot PED. To do so, you need to add a page link with the annotations. Then, while configuring it, enable the button Left to make that page link be able to be triggered by holding the left foot pedal.

Yes, you can place an action button on a score page and set it to open a score to a desired page. After you open the new score, you can go back with a button on the top bar.

remoteScore help

How to connect

Note that you need a device with the digitalScore app installed and another device with the remoteScore app installed. Turn on the Wifi or Bluetooth on both devices and make sure they are not too far away one from the other. Then follow these steps:

  1. Open the app digitalScore on the target device.
  2. While in the library, tap on Settings > Remote Control.
  3. Turn on the Enabled switch.
  4. Set a random code.
  5. Now, with the controlling device, open the app remoteScore.
  6. Insert the same code as before.
  7. Tap the Connect button to start.


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