Already an iClassicalScores User?

Get a discount

If you already are an iClassicalScores user and you bought the app, you can unlock all the Pro features with a discount. You simply need to install the app iClassicalScores on the same device where you have digitalScore installed. Then open the app digitalScore and go to the Upgrade to Pro window and finally tap on the button Check for discount.


Migrate the library 

There are several ways to migrate your library from iClassicalScores to digitalScore, so you can preserve all your scores, information and annotations.

IMPORTANT: To prevent the loss of scores, do not delete the app iClassicalScores until the restoring process has finished.

Method 1. Restoring a backup

The idea is to create a backup with the app iClassicalScores and copy the backup file to the app digitalScore to restore it. Follow these steps:

1. Open iClassicalScores and open the Settings window. Go to Library > Library backup.
2. Tap on Make a library backup. Note that his will delete any previous backup and if you have many scores the process may take some minutes.
3. Leave the app and open the app Files, so you can see all your iCloud app folders and files.
4. On iCloud Dirve, open the folder named iClassicalscores and there should be the file
5. Select that file and then press the Move button. Choose local iPad / iPhone storage instead of iCloud Drive and then select digitalScore folder.
6. Close the app digitalScore and open it again.
6. Then you will be prompted if you want to restore the backup. Tap Yes and the restore process will start.


(Use the fullscreen mode to view the video properly)


Method 2. Exporting as iCScore

If your library does not contain many scores or you just want to migrate few specific scores you can follow these steps to move the scores from one app to the other.

1. Open iClassicalScores and go to your library.
2. Select the score you want to share and select it.
3. Tap the share button and then choose to export using the iCScore format.
4. Select digitalScore app.


Method 3. Using a desktop PC/Mac

1. Plug your iPhone/iPad to your desktop computer.
2. Download on your computer a free version of iExplorer or a similar application which let you see all the content, including the hidden files, of the Documents folder of your iPhone / iPad installed apps.
3. Open iExplorer (or similar) to browse all your installed apps and go to the iClassicalScores Documents folder.
4. Copy all the folder content (including the hidden files) to a new folder in your PC/Mac.
5. Return to iExplorer (or similar) and go to the digitalScore Documents folder.
6. Copy and overwrite all the previously exported content from the iClassicalScores documents folder to the current digitalScore documents folder.
7. Now you can open the app digitalScore and you should see your all your library there.