The Digital Music Stand

Carefully handcrafted from musicians to musicians, digitalScore has been designed to satisfy all the needed features for the daily round instrument performers by making their life easier and more comfortable. Don’t carry paper scores, pencil, rubber, metronome and other old stuff any more because you will have all this and much more with this app.

All your music
in One place

Start by creating your music library. Import and download tons of free scores. Then view and annotate them on the go and use the built in tools to go further on your practice and live playing.

Trusted for everyone

Nowadays there are many people and groups which doesn’t use paper at all. They have been trusting the digital devices as main point of entrance to the sheet music. Know some of the opinions who are using digitalScore in their day by day lives.

Orquestra Unesco Barcelona

“Many of our players uses it as their main musical app.”

- by Orchestra Unesco Barcelona

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