Your digital music stand

Carefully handcrafted from musicians to musicians, digitalScore has been designed to satisfy all the needed features for the daily round instrument performers by making their life easier and more comfortable. Don’t carry paper scores, pencil, rubber, metronome and other old stuff any more because you will have all this and much more with this app.

The KEY features

After years of experience and evolution, digitalScore has become the ultimate app for musicians and music lovers who need a supercharged sheet music reader. All your music scores, tools and everything you need to enjoy the music in one place.

All your music in one place

Create your own digital music library. Edit your scores metadata and use folders to keep your sheet music organized. Drag and drop scores, create playlists, archive old scores, backup and more!

Wifi Drive

Upload and download scores, create folders, edit the score's metadata and just manage your library using an external browse.

Tons of scores

Fill your library with thousands of public domain music scores. Just search for any composer, work title and find over 400.000+ scores.

Track your practice

Analize your practice time data and be more productive. Set goals and win awards to keep you motivated. You can even generate reports and share them.

Ready to play live

Prepare the score before playing by previewing the next half page of any choosen pages. Then connect the bluetooth foot pedals to turn pages faster. And if you’re using a playlist, turning the last page of a score takes you to the next score. 

Digitize your paper scores

Turn your old fashioned paper scores into PDF easy and fast.

The PRO features

As far as you immerse yourself into the music, you can see that it’s a kind of a big endless and magic world. Maybe in that moment that you need extra tools that make you approach to it even more. Or maybe that using this app with this features helps you get this close and see the music in another way.

Fine annotations

Use the pen tool to anotate anything on the score. Mark the important parts with the marker or place some music symbols. If you need, you can also add text. All annotations are editable after, so you can move, transform or modify them anytime.

Tools for musicians

Every musician needs some basic tools. A fully programmable metronome, with the option to use multiple patterns. A tuner to pitch their instruments. A music player to listen to the music while reading the score or playing over. A recorder to keep your interpretations. A piano, why not?

Buttons to trigger actions

A button that after being tapped can open a score, start a metronome at specific tempo and beat pattern, start recording, play an audio file starting at a concrete time and pitch… These are some examples of what the action buttons can do.

From Musicians to MUSICIANS

Whatever is your position, we want to satisfy and cover almost all the real needs that an amateur or professional musician might have. This is possible thanks to many musicans who have contributed to the thinking and designing of the app features within the premise: technology at the service of music.

Synchronize devices

Use one device as a leader so the other devices can connect to it and see the same score, annotations and follow page turns. Or read a score using two devices as if it was a book, the left page for one device and the right page for the other. Or use the app remoteScore to browse the library and turn pages remotely.

Arrange pages

Move, rotate, copy, paste, delete, fix the color… do anything you need with the pages of any score. You can also export and share any specific pages of a score.


Change the way you practice. Download an accompaniment and play your instrument over it. You can also change the tempo and the pitch as you need.

Only for iPhone and iPad