Turn pages remotely

The perfect companion for digitalScore is here. When you are at the stage and you are playing you cannot afford any kind of distractions. You need to focus in what matters, the music. So let someone turn pages and open any score for you.

Remote library

Stay in control

Connect to a device that is running digitalScore and browse its library. Choose a score and open it remotely. You can also see all the scores in an active playlist.

Turn pages

A remote controller

See all the pages of a score and rapidly change from one page to another of the controlled device.

Mirror the score

See what the player sees

See exactly what the player is seeing. See the annotations as well in real time.

How to connect

Note that you need a device with the digitalScore app installed and another device with the remoteScore app installed. Turn on the Wifi or Bluetooth on both devices.

  1. Open the app digitalScore on the target device.
  2. While in the library, tap on Settings > Remote Control.
  3. Turn on the Enabled switch.
  4. Set a random code.
  5. Now, with the controlling device, open the app remoteScore.
  6. Insert the same code as before.
  7. Tap the Connect button to start.

Need help?

If you have any trouble connecting or are experiencing any problems, please write to us.

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